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Easter 2015: Who are you looking for?

03/30/2015 01:55 pm

Whatever you are thinking about right now…stop. No, seriously…stop. As we head into the most celebrated weekend of the Church year I want you to take a moment and forget all the noise in your life.  I invite you to take a few moments and reflect on the meaning of Easter.  “Dear woman, why are […]


03/25/2015 04:53 pm

I love this time of year, the cold is about to go away for a few months, well it is suppose to get to 60 today but I think it will have to hurry. After having lunch with the Heaven’s Handiwork ladies (wonderful ministry of ladies here at White River Christian Church), running (ok, I […]

Fracas In The Family: Biblical Family Conflict Resolution

03/16/2015 09:01 am

Every parent has their pet peeves, right? For me, Dad Pet Peeve #1 has to be loud noises and the children running upstairs in our home. Some evenings, when the kids are at Peak Sugar Levels, it sounds as Gideon and his 300 men are up there, complete with the smashing pottery. “What are they […]

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Latest from the Blog

Faith Is Not a Solo Sport

03/30/2015 10:54 pm

"...faith is dead without good works" - James 2:26b This was God's message for our team today. We can't just say we have faith but must live it out by doing the good works that God had planned for us long ago. One of those good works today was to serve the homeless outside the New Orleans Mission downtown under...

Jesus Film in Tzutujil Language

03/30/2015 09:09 pm

Our Guatemala Team is doing great. Today part of the team worked alongside of church members in Santiago to paint their building. The other part of the team went out to install high efficiency wood cook stoves in an impoverished area. Tonight our team will be showing the Jesus film in the Mayan language of the area known as Tzutjil....

Good Morning from Guatemala

03/29/2015 06:38 pm

Our journey to get here yesterday consisted of 3 flights then a van ride. The scenery is beautiful! This morning we are teaching Sunday school for about 60 children. We get to teach them about God's creation, forgiveness, and deep love for us. We pray God's hand is upon us as we encounter so many who do not know of...

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