Senior Pastor Transition

We are currently in a period of transition as we seek what's next for White River. As we enter this next chapter of our story, we want to keep you fully informed. We invite you to join us in prayerfully seeking God's direction. 

frequently asked questions

How can I help?  

Please join us in praying during this time of transition. We are seeking God’s direction for what He has next for White River. Since some staff roles will be adjusted to keep things working well, there may be new opportunities for you to step in and help make this transition great! Email Fred Knoll for ways to join the mission.  Also, we'd love to hear from you and get your feedback. Please take a couple of minutes to complete this brief survey: 


What is changing? 

From Pastor Tim Brock: "It is with grateful hearts that Becky and I embrace that our ministry season is coming to an end here in central Indiana. God's mission will continue to advance through you and the ministry of WRCC."

Why is Tim leaving? 

From Pastor Tim Brock: "After some critical time of reflection, Becky and I have decided that it is time for WRCC to have a fresh start – a fresh leadership approach – in an effort for WRCC to be missionally influential in the days moving forward."

When is this transition happening? 

Pastor Tim will continue to preach alongside our team of pastors through the end of this year. The elders have asked Andrew Smiley to step into the role of Interim Senior Pastor during this time of transition. 

Are we doing something to honor Pastor Tim’s years of ministry? 

Yes, we are grateful to God for Pastor Tim and his wonderful family! On Sunday, December 19, we'll spend time honoring them for all they have done and given to WRCC. Mark your calendars and look for more details to follow.

What does this mean for White River? 

We'll have some movement of staff responsibilities, but ministries and operations will look like they have. Connecting every life to Jesus remains the primary focus of White River Christian Church. Our elders and Andrew Smiley are seeking God’s guidance for White River’s future as we enter this season of transition. 

Who will preach on Sundays? 

Pastor Tim will continue to preach alongside our team of pastors through the end of this year.

What does this mean for the Noblesville location? 

Fred Knoll has been our Noblesville Campus Pastor and will continue leading and caring for WRCC's Noblesville family in this way.  

What does this mean for the Hamilton North location? 

Andrew Smiley remains the Hamilton North Pastor, in addition to his role as Interim Senior Pastor. 

When will we have a new senior pastor? 

The elders are prayerfully establishing a process and are committed to keeping you informed as updates are available. 

There seems to be a lot of turnover. Is something going on? 

Change and turnover are normal parts of healthy, growing organizations. White River has been blessed with a staff team who have a passion for serving God wherever He may lead. Sometimes God leads team members to serve in new ways sometimes in another church or even another state. When this happens, they say yes to His prompting and we support them in following where God leads them. 

I've still got some questions.

This is where we’ll share information on the senior pastor transition and search process. Check back often for updates.  You can also email the Elders directly at