Leadership Transition

We are currently in a period of transition as we seek what's next for White River. As we’ve prayed and listened to God’s leading, we have been led to make some adjustments to our pastoral staff structure to better support White River’s multi-site design. Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with each of us and we believe this focused approach will help us connect lives to Jesus in a more personal way. As we enter this next chapter of our story, we want to keep you fully informed. This page is where you'll find the most updated information related to these changes.

Here's the latest from WRCC Point Elder, Brian Peters

frequently asked questions

What's changing? 

Rather than have a senior pastor at the highest level of the organizational structure who does most of the preaching, including via video to Hamilton North, and oversees the entire staff, we are moving to a structure that has a full-time campus pastor at each of our three locations. These campus pastors will do the majority of the live preaching at their specific location and will be able to dedicate their time and energy to caring for those who attend that location. The campus pastors will work closely with a three-person executive team, some of whom will be part of the regular preaching rotation. This executive team is currently serving on an interim basis. They have been overseeing the areas of teaching and preaching, faith development and missions, and operations.

updated organizational structure

What does this mean for White River? 

We'll have some movement of staff responsibilities, but ministries and operations will look like they have. Connecting every life to Jesus remains the primary focus of White River Christian Church.

What's next? 

The elders have established a process to permanently fill the executive team positions and expect that this process will be complete by March of this year. At that time, the elders and executive team will work together to begin filling any campus pastor roles that are needed.

What does this mean for the Noblesville location? 

Fred Knoll is currently serving as both Missional Living Pastor and Noblesville Campus Pastor and will continue leading and caring for WRCC's Noblesville family until a full-time Campus Pastor is hired for the Noblesville location. 

What does this mean for the Hamilton North location? 

At some point in the future, White River’s Hamilton North family will enjoy the benefits of live teaching each week. Andrew Smiley is currently serving as both Interim Senior Pastor and Hamilton North Campus Pastor.

What does this mean for the Hispanic location? 

Miguel Lara is currently serving as the Hispanic Congregation Pastor.

How will the congregation be involved? 

The elders intend to have members from the congregation involved in the selection of open campus pastor roles.

How can I help?  

Please join us in praying during this time of transition. We are seeking God’s direction for what He has next for White River. Since some staff roles will be adjusted to keep things working well, there may be new opportunities for you to step in and help make this transition great! Email Fred Knoll for ways to join the mission.   

There seems to be a lot of turnover. Is something going on? 

Change and turnover are normal parts of healthy, growing organizations. White River has been blessed with a staff team who have a passion for serving God wherever He may lead. Sometimes God leads team members to serve in new ways sometimes in another church or even another state. When this happens, they say yes to His prompting and we support them in following where God leads them. 

I've still got some questions.

This is where we’ll share information on the senior pastor transition and search process. Check back often for updates.  You can also email the Elders directly at